The aim of the department is capacity building. It capacitates and empowers members and all the structures with skills and knowledge to build, strengthen and sustain the fundamental functions of zimratu. The department:

  1. Develops expertise in technical and strategic areas of trade union functions
  2. Advance and promote the interests of the workers
  3. Advances and promote union activities
  4. Promote and develop solidarity networking for knowledge sharing, capacity building and influencing social and economic policies  with local, regional and international labour unions and labour-related educational institutions
  5. Demonstrates the added value of union learning by workers for effective and efficient union business delivery
  6. Helps increase trade union strength through the provision of support for constant growth of trade union membership Improves trade union capacity to represent workers in sectoral policy, collective bargaining and workplace activities.

The department implement its mandates through :

  1. Continuous or long-term activities –
  2. Short-term activities such as workshops – paralegal training
  3. The development of study manuals.
  4. Research activities – for example, the organization has produced research reports on the health and safety conditions of workers